elise wuhl

While most Americans were glued to their TV sets watching a disgraced President scurry west, Elise had plans of her own. She made an early appearance almost exactly one month after Jamey on August 9, 1974. She lived in Riverdale, NY until she was about four years old; then the family picked up and headed for the suburbs of Glen Rock, NJ.

Her parents still live in the same house she grew up in, although her
pink floral room has been transformed into a guest bedroom. Her cat Mickey still roams the halls. She went to Glen Rock High School and then took off for the big city of Boston for college.

She found Simmons College, a small all women's school, where she stayed until second semester sophomore year playing on the
tennis team, studying journalism and yes, hanging out at the M.I.T
fraternity houses. Before long, Elise decided to shake things up a bit and transferred to Boston University where she studied print journalism until her guidance counselor suggested she take his television broadcast class. She did and was sold.

At BU, Elise moved into her first apartment on Commonwealth Avenue where her roommate convinced her that a futon from the dumpster would make a comfy couch; and later studied abroad where she learned how to travel across borders without a passport.

Upon graduation, she landed a job at CNN in Atlanta, rented an apartment and settled into a life of southern comfort. She worked her way up to become a Writer/Producer/Anchor at CNN's College Television Network where she interviewed the likes of John Travolta, Jennifer Lopez and Michael Douglas. From there, she became an Anchor for CNN Airport Network, Host of an In-Flight entertainment show, and entertainment Anchor for Headline News.

After seven years, it was time to come back to the New York area to be
closer to her family and plant her roots. She landed at Fox News
channel, where she spent her evenings writing the news. She met Jamey through a mutual friend and from that encounter begins another
of Elise's adventures.

Most recently Elise has been producing reality TV shows, and most importantly, sitting on their new (not from a dumpster) couch, kicking Jamey's butt at Scrabble.



jamey edwards

July 1st, 1974, Born to Bob and Ann, Jamey’s birth took place on the worst day possible hospital staffing wise. The day the interns started. He was born jaundice, with a broken collar bone and a heart murmur. He couldn’t nurse to one side. Poor guy.

His hair was greasy and his ears stuck out. One grandma would scrub his hair, the other would tape his ears back. Too bad none of it worked. As he got older, he was thankful he had his stylish sister Jessica to give him fashion advice.

Jamey left Chicago to move to sunny Buffalo, NY, which he considers his hometown. He is a Bills and Sabre’s fan and he learned how to ski and became a connoisseur of Chicken Wings and Beef on Weck sandwiches. He attended the Nichols School from 5th to 12th grade where he learned how to play hockey (poorly), became a member of the crew team, directed a few plays and sat on the Student Conduct Committee (his mom and dad are proud of all of the above). He also learned how to cook at Rigoletto’s Restaurant where he worked his way up from Dishwasher to Saute Cook. His Chicken Marsala is well-known throughout Western NY.

He left Buffalo to head to the greener pastures of Ithaca, NY where he attended Cornell University. Those were good times. Trudging up a hill about a mile or so to class in 6 ft of fresh snow really brings people together. He couldn’t seem to shake the restaurant biz and waited tables at Little Joe’s while he was there. He graduated as a Tradition Fellow in 1996.

After Cornell, Jamey decided to see if maybe it was time to enjoy some warmer weather and headed to Los Angeles, where his Uncle Irv taught him how to boogie board and hang ten. To pay the bills, Jamey worked for an investment bank and private equity fund. During the Internet boom, he jumped ship to help VirtualTourist.com take over travel on the web.

At this point Jamey had enough of “real life” and headed back to Cornell for business school. He wanted to find out whether he still had what it takes to live in a place with seasons. He graduated in May 2003 ready to re-enter the working world.

Jamey moved to NY with dreams of grandeur and world domination. He is currently with Lehman Brothers in the Global Communications and Media group working on some pretty cool deals and helping out with the Cornell recruiting effort. His pant size has expanded a little bit, but his New Years’ resolution is to go to the gym. We’ll see.

He has found the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with and is excited to be able to share this event with you.