elise’s bridal party

Amy Seefeldt
Matron of Honor, San Francisco, CA
Amy lives out in San Francisco with her husband, Alan. They set a high standard with their wedding almost two years ago when she started chugging from a glass thinking it was water. Luckily, she realized it was vodka before it was too late and gracefully walked down the aisle. In her spare time, Amy paints and knits up a storm.

Ali Miller
Bridesmaid, Kings Park, NY
Ali is currently expressing her artistic genius at Alfred University in New York State. She has been actively planning my wedding for the past 10 years or so and could not be more psyched that the day is actually upon us. Ali definitely knows how to liven any party and keep life interesting.

Annie Miller
Bridesmaid, Kings Park, NY
Annie is getting ready to graduate from Colgate University in May. She’s a psychology major and spent a semester in New Mexico working at a Head Start school with Native American children. She enjoys reading about Buddhism, watching movies (fan of Forest Gump and the Birdcage) and reciting quotes from said movies with her friends.

Jessica Edwards
Bridesmaid, Virginia Beach, VA
Jamey’s sister
Jessica is Jamey’s sister and is his elder by two years. Her husband Marc is an urologist and she is an ob/gyn. Between the two of them, they have the pelvis covered. They are the proud owners/parents to Sammy, a two year old Yorkie who is the best dressed pooch in Virginia Beach.

Laura Wuhl
Bridesmaid, New York, NY
Laura is working as a registered dietitian in Manhattan. She can always be counted on to make entertaining family and visitors in the city more fun. She admirably knows her way around the New York shops, restaurants and most importantly… sample sales.

Stacia Helfand
Bridesmaid, Riverdale, NY
Stacia, a director of nutrition services, lives in New York with her husband, Steven and daughter, Jagger. They’re expecting a new addition to arrive sometime in February. I feel lucky that even with a fairly small extended family, I have a cousin who is exactly the same age… and one who kept detailed notes while planning her New York wedding!





jamey's groomsmen

Rick Shuart
Co-Best Man, Los Angeles, CA
Jamey has known Rick since 7th grade where Jamey caught him crying about getting an A- on his history exam. He is a high achiever. Rick taught Jamey how to golf and was Jamey’s travel and ski companion. These guys have been through a lot together.

Ari Nagler
Co-Best Man, Scottsdale, AZ
Ari and Jamey have been best buddies since attending Cornell together for undergrad and sharing a room Freshman year. They used to skip classes to eat Belgian waffles or play basketball. They both received degrees in Industrial and Labor Relations which has proven to be completely useless in their current careers.

Adam Fitzner
Usher, New York, NY
Adam and Jamey met at business school. Adam is completely unpredictable, but Jamey tries to predict what he will do next anyway without much luck. He keeps things fresh and interesting on a daily basis.

Dan Shur
Usher, New York, NY
Dan and Jamey became fast friends during 2nd year of business school. As it turns out they went to undergrad together and knew all the same people, but never met each other. Dan is a walking encyclopedia of New York City knowledge and make sure Jamey leaves work enough to have a good time.

Jason Chwojdak
Usher, Buffalo, NY
Jason is Jamey’s oldest friend in the wedding party. Scratch that…in the world. They met in 6th grade and Jason helped Jamey hone his ice hockey skills growing up. He is a proud husband and daddy to his wife Kate and children, Ryan and Madelyn.

Neil Bar-or
Usher, New York, NY
Neil is one of Elise’s oldest and closest friends. He is also a super talented web designer in his off-time and was responsible for designing this website. He has a great picture site called plushcreative.com where he takes great pictures of life as it happens. Jamey has been trying to get his pictures on this site, but Neil is very picky and has strict rules.

William Hannan
Usher, Los Angeles, CA
Bill is one of Jamey’s best friends from Los Angeles. Bill helped Jamey get his first banking job and they had a boat together in LA. The engines on the boat didn’t work all the time, and would especially conk out when coming into dock. Bill’s nickname is “Pila” which is short for “Pilakia” which is Hawaiian for “trouble.” Feel free to haze him about this.