Elise and Jamey would like to thank Karen Schnelwar for her thoughtful matchmaking.

not a chance encounter

Both new to the City of New York, Jamey and Elise met on a hot and humid summer night in August 2003 at the Vinyl Diner on 9th Avenue. Jamey brought two girlfriends with him for backup and Elise brought her ex-boyfriend. An auspicious beginning indeed.

At dinner, Jamey played it cool, but took notice when Elise laughed, tossed her hair back and touched his arm…even though what he said wasn’t remotely funny. He didn’t wash that spot on his arm for at least a week.

Post-dinner, the couple went there separate ways, but not before Jamey asked for her digits. Alas, Elise was headed out of town for her birthday shortly thereafter and Jamey waited shorter than the industry standard number of days to call her on her birthday and ask her out. Elise agreed.

The following week, Date #1, otherwise known as “Sushi and a Movie,” occurred and Jamey (who doesn’t eat seafood), in order to impress Elise, ate one of her fish rolls and promptly gagged and spit his food out on his plate. For other guys out there, this move works every time.

It was on Date #2 where Jamey knew this was the girl for him. He invited her for a night out at the boat basin on 79th Street. They hung out, threw down some Corona’s and talked for hours. Most of the time about nothing. It didn’t matter, Jamey couldn’t get enough. He was pretty sure she was having a good time too.

Jamey had a strategy. All of these good times occurred before Jamey started working during his time off post business school. He knew he needed to lock down this girl before she realized there were more handsome guys with more hair out there who work less. She fell for it. And he is eternally grateful.

After a year and four months of courtship, Jamey proposed.





elise and karen


jamey and karen












the proposal
What happens when you mix rain, thanksgiving and a plan gone awry? The perfect proposal, at least in our mind.

Jamey asked Elise’s parents for permission unbeknownst to Elise. A few months later, shortly before Thanksgiving, Jamey felt the timing was perfect. His mom and sister flew in and helped him pick out the perfect rock. He targeted Thanksgiving at Grandpa Lenny and Sara's place, where Elise would be surrounded by her family, to pop the question. The forecast was sunny.

Upon arrival, it started to pour. When Elise was out of the room, a relative of hers came in and said, “Hey Jamey, weren’t you here last year?” “Yes I was.” Jamey replied.

“Don’t you think it’s about time you got married?” he asked. “Uhhh. Dude!” Jamey said.

At that moment it started to pour. Lighting crashed. Sheets of rain came down.

“Honey, it’s hot in here, want to go for a walk?” Jamey said. Elise looked outside. She looked at Jamey. She looked outside again. She humored him.

They grabbed an umbrella and headed bravely into the gale. The umbrella quickly turned inside out. Jamey recounted his conversation. “Honey, he’s right.” She froze. With that he knelt down, in a puddle, and asked Elise to marry him. She remained frozen. “Elise, can I put this on your finger?” he asked gesturing with the ring. The streets were deserted. It was just them. She pulled Jamey up from his knee and whispered, “Yes.”

The rain kept on until they got back to Elise’s grandparents place. They broke the news to the family, including Grandpa Lenny. Elise said, “Grandpa, I have something to tell you.” What,” he said, “Are you pregnant?”

One thing at a time, Grandpa. One thing at a time.